From: Qirat Shahid 


Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2023 11:21 P.M Pacific Standard Time


To:Dr. Vincent Boudreau


Cc: Elisabeth Von Uhl


Subject: Webassign is the best way for a college student to learn because it is easy to access and has a lot of resources.


As you are planning for this year’s expenses for the mathematics department. I want to share my thoughts on it.


Over the years, I have taken many math classes at the City College of New York. I have taken math 190, math 195, and calculus 1. When I was taking math 190 and 195, I used Webassign and Pearson/MyLab for calculus 1. 


Webassign is the best website to learn from because you can open it anywhere. Being able to do it anywhere on a mobile device 16.7 % (Serhan, D., &amp). It can be opened on a mobile device, laptop, iPad, etc. It is very easy to assess. I can do my homework when I am on the train or waiting for something. while Pearson/MyLab cannot open on the mobile, iPad, or any updated software. I have gone into the settings on my laptop and fixed the settings and allowed the pop up because Pearson is a pop up. Also, WebAssign has more resources that are easy to access 16.7% (Serhan, D., &amp).These resources are the video, the ebook, and the practice questions. The ebook has questions on it, and under everything, even questions, there is a box that says “Answer,” and when you click it, you see the answer. The math 195 ebooks on Webassign also shows each step for each problem. On the homework, for each homework question, there is a video and a lot of practice questions. The video shows similar questions. It just changes the number and explains it step-by-step. Practice questions are similar questions with just a different number, and when you submit the answer, it tells you the right answer. I use that to learn how to do a problem, and then I do my homework. This way, I am self teaching and getting more practice in math. However, Pearson/MyLab videos are not similar to the questions, and the ebook in Pearson has answers at the end of the book, which is very furious. You have to look at the end for every problem. There are no practice questions. Therefore, students should have access to WebAssign in calculus 1, not Pearson.


Students should have access to WebAssign in calculus 1,because they can teach themselves and get more practice. The more practice questions there are with answers , the better it is for students to learn math. The more they remember, and the better they do in their exam. The goal for City College, you, and the student is to pass the math class by learning and doing well in exams. If you are spending so much money on City College students, then why not spend it on WebAssign, where students can get a lot of help and learn easily?


Finally, I would like to thank you for all you did for this college. Without your hard work, we would not be in this college studying.


1) Serhan, D., & Almeqdadi, F. (2019, November 30). Students’ perceptions of using mymathlab and webassign in mathematics classroom. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science. Retrieved February 27, 2023, from