Qirat Shahid

2075 west18 street Brooklyn NY,11223




January 31,2023


Elisabeth von Uhl, Instructor

City college of New York

160 Convent Ave, New York, NY 10031


Dear Professors Elisabeth Von Uhl


       Today I am writing to you to inform you about myself, my dream, goals and my future.


      My major is biomedical engineering. I want to study biomedical engineering because it was very interesting to me. My career goal is to improve human health. My short term goal is to gain a degree in biomedical engineering. My long term goal is to invite new machines and get a good paying job in biomedical engineering. My dream is to get a job in biomedical engineering. I would buy my family a house.


   My future plan  in biomedical engineering is to make artificial lungs. I want to do this because no one has done this before. I want to do something in a medical field that people will remember me by. Yes, you will make a lot of money in this field but I do not really care that much because you can make money anywhere just by working hard. I just want to help people and do something that no one has done before.


    The importance the field of engineering will play in that world is a lot. Biomedical engineering helps a lot of people. It helps save people and saves them from death. It is what I want to do to save people. I imagine problems will be solved by engineers by first looking at problems first and collecting data through microscope, article and graph to see how fast it is spreading. Then in a lab we biomedical engineers, doctors and scientists would sit together and decide what to do. We engineers would sit in white lab with white lab coat and make tools or machines to help solve the problems that make people healthy.



Qirat Shahid